4. Help help !! On regimen but not clearing !!! So depressing

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Help help !! On regimen but not clearing !!! So depressing

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I need help

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One thing I learned while on the regimen is that you MUST follow it precisely or it wont work. My face looked similar to yours and it wasnt until I followed it to the T that I saw results. Also, how long have you been using it? Remeber , those of us that sturggle with sever acne take longer to see results. STICK TO IT. IT WORKS.

Another point of advice. When you struggle with cystic acne you MUST remove dairy, gluten, & soy from you diet. Its imparative. Dont be depressed. Pick yourself up and shift your thinking. Those things on your face are foreign & dont belong to or define you. They WILL and MUST go away. 

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I second the above. Please remove at least dairy and gluten from your diet. Cystic acne loves those!

Also, if you keep continuing with the regimen and don't have the results you want, I highly, highly recommend Lerosett. It's natural, and it healed my terrible cystic acne. (It was much worse than yours - it covered every inch of my face). 

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I Agree with what PreDentalMari said. Also try incorporating this tea it Yogi Skin detox tea into your diet and trust me... This subsided majority or my acne from the inside out along with this regiment. Its a awesome combination.

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