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Right after 2nd Isolaz treatment.

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Right after 2nd Isolaz treatment.

I just got a treatment today. I took this picture right after the treatment. It's not as red as last time. I'm happy to say that it's not as painful as last time. In fact, it's not painful at all. I barely feel the suction. Maybe it's because my face is now cleared of painful cystic acne. I only have a lot of stubborn closed pores or whiteheads that don't wanna go away. The nurse extracted some of that today. But there are still quit a lot that are not ready to come out. 

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    Hi, how are u doing with laser treatment? I have done my first treatment with extraction 3 weeks ago and i still breaking out like crazy with cystic acne and bumps with no head all over cheeks, the old gone the new appears. With the treatment i am using duac gel and differin. My face now looks exactly like yours. Are your acne cause by hormonal imbalance? 

    Hi I'm doing great! I'm on my way to my third treatment. My skin is looking so much better now. I don't have anymore cystic acne on my face. But I still have those stubborn clogged pores. Differin worked really well for me in the past and it worked with these clogged pores. It takes months to see a result though. You gotta be patient. but since I'm trying to get pregnant I avoid using Retinol long term. 


    I'm not sure what exactly causing my breakouts. I stopped birth control pills a few years ago and I see some changes on my skin. But it wasn't this bad. I only had one or two pimple when I ovulated. I'm trying to eat healthy, exercise and sleep a lot. I'm hoping this would help.