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Before My first Isolaz and Laser Genesis treatment

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Before My first  Isolaz and Laser Genesis treatment

I'm currently taking Minocycline 100mg. The doctor gave me Finacea. It made my skin worse, it gave me pimples on the area where I didn't have pimples before. And it's too irritating for my skin. So I had to stop. 
I just got Isolaz consultation today and they said I'm a candidate since I'm taking antibiotics and I'm not using anything that is making my skin sun sensitive. (the skin would burn if you are using accutane, benzoyl, acid, retinol)

Other pictures from the album

    I recently has this breakout from a face wash. And I started to get these closed comedones all over my face. These are turning in to cystic acne. I been taking antibiotic for a month now but it doesn't look like it's doing anything to my face. It's actually gotten worse. I see that the pimples are still coming up from the closed comedies. So I decided to do Isolaz to speed up the process. 


    In this photo is right before I got my first Isolaz treatment, followed by Laser genesis (which would help with hyper pigmentation and indented scars).