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I've been trying to figure out for years now what exactly is going on with my skin. Could it be acne rosacea? eczema? Over the years the pores have gotten much worse and have been spreading. My entire face seems to have something wrong with it. There is not one area on my face that is free from blotches and my face is always irritated and has a somewhat flushed look all the time. I've been to a few dermatologists in the past, but with no luck and now I can't even afford over the counter medicine. I guess just knowing what is wrong with my skin can be some sort of first step. If anyone has any ideas I appreciate the help.

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    Check this out:



    She had a similar problem to you I think, not sure if you did laser also or not.

    Thanks for the link and after reading the article I think I've waited way too long to try and get my skin under control. I used Retin-A in my teenage years and the article mentioned that Retin-A has had 'orange peel' side effects on the skin and I do remember first noticing my skin acting differently than just normal acne back then, but now being 32 years old I guess my only option is laser repair. Thanks again for the help and I'll try the regimen that the article suggests.