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1 week of Regimen

1 week itchy neck adult acne

1 week of Regimen

I am 29, struggles with acne since 15. About a year ago I got these inflamed itchy bumps on my neck that nothing would get rid of, I tried S Acid, BP honey, ACV baking soda, cetaphil... None of it worked.

I have the "Clear Zit" maximum strength 10%  BP cream and was using it sporadically with no success. It would bleach any fabric I came in contact with and made my skin red and super dry and peeling. When I found the regimen I figured I'd give it a try since it was science tested and proven. I diluted my 10% cream down with Pure Aloe at first 1:3 parts. My skin was clearing, but my face was red and peeling, especially y delicate neck area. So I switched to diluting it with Cetaphil moisturizer at about day 5 and it has helped tremendously. This picture is my progress at 1 week. I highly recommend "The Regimen"

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