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2013 02 05 21.26.25

2013 02 05 21.26.25

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    your acne is under control right?  if so you might want to consider a few excisions, or subscisions for sure, once you get them raised up a bit through the subscisions and a couple of the big ones excised then you should consider an ablative laser - it's extreme, but it will smooth things out


    it will be a journey, but get started, you can get improvements every year 20%, 40%, 60% it adds up.


    good luck to you

    These are going to require multiple subcisions.  What you do have working in your favor is the fact that a lot of the scarring looks like rolling scars.  Subcisions can work well on this type of scarring.  There are areas of volume loss that exaggerates the scarring because it causes the cheek to look sunken, increasing the shadowing effect.  For the volume loss, you will need some kind of filler AFTER a few subcisions.   From my personal experience (I had very similar scarring) you need to elevate the scars as much as possible.  Resurfacing procedures such as lasers and dermabrasion should always be done last to smooth the surface texture AFTER you have done everything to elevate them as close to the normal skin as possible.  Otherwise, the resurfacing procedures will fail.

    i thought these were mostly box scars due to their jaggered edge which according to this site were untreatable by subcision,   and yes my acne is under control after accutante this is just an old photo where i still had a couple pimples.

    Not sure how the scarring looks in real life, but from these pics, they do not look very jagged.  There are some deeper boxcars, but from my vantage point, I think you mostly have rolling scars with soft shoulders.   

    that is bad lightning mostly bro dont worry about it