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1month after accutane

skin dry acne fucked

1month after accutane

Ok ive been on Accutane for a month, ive taken antibiotics in the past and they have worked. At one point my face was really clear for about 4-5 months. Recently after stopping antibiotics for about 2 months my acne started to come back, so i visited my dermatologist and they suggested accutane. The put me on 20mg and its been a month MY ACNE HAS NEVER BEEN THIS BAD IN MY LIFE!!!!!!!!!!! it has dried up all my skin and looks horrible  and my face really hurts the worst thing is i have 7 exams all this month and have to go into school, im embarrassed to even show my face. I have a appointment with my dermatologist next monday on the 12th and i have a exam on the same day WTF is even life lol The first picture is 3 months ago around january or February my face was so clear no its FUCKED!!!!

My acne just seems to be getting worser day by day and this drug is really pissing me off

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    it is the dreaded initial breakout...ask for a low dose of prednisone for a week or so then taper off....it sucks there is just no way around it


    good luck, hang in there!

    Why did you go on it if your face was clear

    Sorry you're going through this.  It really sucks, I know firsthand from my experience with Accutane.  In the end, my skin cleared completely.   It is completely possible that you may have an allergic reaction to Accutane, as I've seen examples on youtube.  What does your doctor have to say about the worsening acne?