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friend who has cystic acne

acne cystic acne teenager hormones smoker cysts

friend who has cystic acne

he started to develop acne around the age of 14 and he's now 15 and half and now has cystic acne. You can't properly see the cysts as they are on the sides of his face and he covers them with his hoodie.
Does anyone know what specifically causes cystic acne?
I should add he smokes and drinks and his diet isn't the best. He uses a clearasil face wash which is probably just for spots not acne.

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    I've seen that dead look so many times.  Smoking, drinking, bad diet, over washing, not exercising, not getting enough sun (vit D) probably all contribute.  He also looks young so puberty and genetics are also in play.  Getting rid of the cigs and the alcohol and running shirtless in the sun would be a good first step.

    I agree with "Twosteps". However, I personally think that the main culprit is genetics. I used to have acne that looked really similar to that and the reason why for me was genetics. He needs to get rid of cigs and alcohol because not only do they contribute to acne, they also contribute to other health problems. Anyways, tell him to stop smoking and drinking or at least tell him to go see a dermatologist. They'll probably put him on accutane but it's worth it in the end. Good luck with your friend.