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hyperpigmentation / acne marks. Any solution please?

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hyperpigmentation / acne marks. Any solution please?

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    Try Neutrogena's Rapid Clear fight and fade toner. It helps with marks but it can be drying. I'd still be using it if I could get it shipped where I live, but it worked pretty well for me. 

    Hey there, I would go and see your nearest skin specialist. Just look up skin specialist and then the area you live on to Google. There should be some result. Contact them by phone and ask for a consultation. Don't forget to talk to your parents about this too. Ask them for help. I had severe acne scarring and had been struggling with it for many months and only recently started 'blue / red laser light therapy and my skin has definitely improved. The marks have almost all completely faded, I will continue going until they are gone. Mine costs $175 a week. The course was 8 weeks long. Just ask your parents okay? All the best :)

    I'm having a similar problem! :( I'm hoping mine fade with some time, but I've had mine for months and almost a year now... I feel like time isn't doing anything...