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Left Cheek as of March 8 2014

Left Cheek as of March 8 2014

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    I checked out your other photos, the change is amazing....what do you attribute it to, the TCA or the Deep FX?

    I'm wondering the same thing!

    I definitely attribute the improvement to Deep FX and Total FX. I've had one Deep FX and two Total FX procedures since Feb 16 2012. My 3rd laser procedure was early July 2013 over 8 months ago. It's hard to tell by the final photo, but my scars haven't vanished. They're just greatly improved and much shallower. The texture of all my scars still remain different from normal skin, so they're stil noticeable if you were to see me in person. I'm pretty satisfied with the improvement though. I would have never thought the deep pits on my face could be improved to this degree.

    TCA Cross made my scars much wider and deeper. I had it done once with a dermatologist and it was an absolute nightmare. It's my biggest regret in my scar journey.

    How much have you spent? USD


    And do you feel more confident?


    COngrats :_)

    My confidence is up 1000%. I'm so glad I tried laser, and wish I hadn't spent so much time and money on other treatments, like peels, microdermabrasion, Cross, etc. I've spent far too much money over the last 2+ years on my scars. For the three laser treatments with pre & post op kits, I've spent about $5800 total, With prescription meds (antibiotics, painkillers, hydroquinone, etc), the total is little over $6k for all three treatments. My first laser treatment was just Deep FX on the scars on my cheeks, so I only paid $1000 for it.

    Wonderful improvement. Amazing!

    Inspired. Would you recommend Dr. Rahimi for Mixto Laser?

    Inspired, can you send me a private message and let me know the name of your doctor who performed Deep FX?

    Thank you,
    Meg M