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Last day of accutane

end of accutane 40mg scars happy

Last day of accutane

So I am now on my last pill of accutane, and no... my skin is not perfect. But compared to the first photo I posted, this is an absolute miracle. I've got some hyper pigmentation, but that is said to fade drastically and even completely within the year. Overall, I feel blessed everyday for this medication. There's no telling what deep depressing hole I'd be in if it didn't exist. It absolutely hanged my life for the better! My skin is completely clear, I haven't gotten a new pimple or spot in months... Just scarring. Starting today, I'm going to nurture and treat my body well through my diet. Accutane served as a bandaid to the way I had been eating before. Our bodies need fuel and nutrients for food!! They don't function properly if we aren't feeding them in a healthy way. Scars will heal so much better with the proper diet!!

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    WOW incredible progress! Congrats to you :) Your skin looks absolutely wonderful!

    Wow, great progress. It looks like you only got hyper-pigmentation and that will eventually go away. My acne was/is a less severe but sadly scars.

    Amazing! Looks like you won't have any major scarring. xoxo