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Day 24

Day 24

Day 24- right side

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    i have similar issue on my neck...what topical products r u using? whats ure regimen? i jus started spiro also

    I'm just on spiro, using erythromycin gel at night and using the rest of my doxy which is in limited supply. My derm is holding out on me because he doesn't want me mixing the spiro with anything. I'm trying to get a hold of some tazorac. That seemed to work the best for me in the past.

    have you tried Dan's regimen? I hope the regimen you are using works the best for you.

    i was also prescribed erythro but havent tried it...does it work? what is tazorac? have u tried bp?

    I'm not a fan of the erythro. Tazorac is a strong topical that has worked for me in the past but i haven't broke out this bad since high school so I'm not sure if it can help me now x-x  Bp? do you mean bc? I've was on it about 2 years ago but it caused a whole bunch of trouble for me stomach- wise. I'm not even sure if it was helping my acne or not because I was still breaking out and going to the dermotologist and gastrologist 

    bp is benzoyl peroxide. have u tried that?

    im wayyyy past the point of benzoyl peroxide working for me