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Hi guys. Can anyone tell me what kind of scars I have? I really want to find a treatment that will work for me.

I've tried juvaderm, but the needle left red spots and my face looked worse than it did before.


Other pictures from the album

    mild but annoying for you I'm sure...your skin tone is great so that's a plus no hyperpigmentation


    if money is no object then look for someone to do professional derma rolling ( I actually think it's better than fraxel treatments)...if money is tight, go to the owndoc.com forum and read up on doing the treatments yourself....I do a 0.5mm dermastamp every 10 days or so, and have been doing it for several months...but you might benefit more from the roller

    Thank you!! I did buy a few dermarollers, but haven't tried them yet. I will watch a few videos before I attempt it.

    Question, do you know if they actually take away the scars? I just wish they could heat up my skin, smooth it out, and call it a day. Lol. Maybe someday?
    And yes. I would be willing to spend money if I knew that the treatment would work.