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This is around 2 years later and I attribute the improvement to derma-stamping, single needling, STOPPING retin-A, silicone mircro-droplet injections, TCA spot treatment on scars and eating a healthy diet with no gluten, wheat or grains of any kind, including never touching any junk food or fast food. There is some red spots in this picture because I recently did some TCA spot treating but I don't break out anymore and this redness is temporary and easily covered with make up.
I highly recommend derma-stamping and TCA,  when used cautiously and only if you've educated yourself on proper use. I really love using a 30%tca to spot treat small spots at a time because it don't have to hide in my house for 2 weeks that way, it's a slower longer process but I find that at least that way it actually gets done. As for stamping, I now do it once a month (or every 4-6 weeks) and I also just starting massaging my face and scars which feels good and brings blood flow to the surface of your skin making it healthier.  I don't even use any cleaners except honey on my face now. I got rid of all the store bought, chemical laden crap. That being said, I do think salicylic acid, lactic acid and tca are good as long as they're not done too much, and health wise, I feel they're pretty safe to use. They're made from milk and fruit.
I used to think it would never get better and I'm so glad I was patient, took pictures, kept learning, and kept persevering.

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    This..I don't even know what to say about it. If this is a genuine picture, it has to be the most improvement of acne scarring that I have EVER seen. Although, your cheek looks a little swollen, how can we be sure the scars are just not visible because of that. Wow, if this turns out the be legitimate I might still have some hope.

    Nope, it's NOT swelling. I haven't done any rolling in over a month and the TCA I mentioned was only on a couple small icepick scars. They're the size of a head of a needle, so they only consist of about MAYBE 1% of the skin texture there. So please DO have hope, that's the whole reason I posted these, I didn't wanna be the kind of person that gets success and never comes back to tell about it.

    You're getting silicone droplet injections?   Of course your deep scars will improve.  I am happy for you but silicone injections are not cheap and must be done by someone with a lot of experience.  There is also the potential for serious side effects "forever" meaning that silicone in your skin could be a ticking time bomb.  I am happy for you, your skin looks incredible.....

    Yep, I had one injection, over a year ago and it didn't fix my scars all the way but it did improve them about 30%. And, they are pretty cheap compared to lasers or non permanent fillers which I considered.  And I agree, it's permanent so you should only go to someone who's done it a LOT. I went to Sam Lam in TX and am happy with it but I needed more improvement afterwords, so I continued with diet, needling and TCA to get where I am now.

    Thanks for sharing. Your skin looks great. Congratulations!

    Thanks for sharing. Your skin looks great. Congratulations!

    Sure thing, thanks!

    Any supplements as well you would recommend?

    This is so inspiring, my scars really bothering me and am at point where I am losing hope about them... Since I am not open with the idea of undergoing laser, as it tend to be such a risk action and costly, plus downtime yeah, I'll research more of alternatives. Thank you for this, and gratz on clearing up. :)

    Amazing progress.  From this picture, it looks like 100% improvement.  Perhaps there's something to be said about taking the moderate approach over a long period of time vs. just annihilating one's skin with extreme measures.  

    so happy for you DC - as someone else said this is probably the BEST improvement in skin from scarring like yours that i've ever seen. Where did you order the TCA? was it a TCA peel as apposed to cross tca? which is much harsher. 


    Never heard of silicon injections before !