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I posted a picture a couple months ago, and I had comments saying my acne wasn't severe. I definitely feel like it is severe. This is the worst feeling in the world. Anyone going through something similar?

Other pictures from the album

    I get my acne mostly on my cheeks too. It's such a painful place isn't it?

    Yes, about 4 months ago I started breaking out and as of mid November my skin is similar to yours but quite a bit worse. However my acne is in the exact same spots as yours but also on my forehead. It is painful and awful. I'm actually starting Accutane in a week because it continues to spread and scar :( But Bactrim and birth control have made it decrease drastically within the last two weeks just fyi? Hang in there, I know that exact feeling.

    I use to have it like this, now I just deal with the scars..

    I wonder... will you be trying the acne regime on this site?