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before 1 front view

before 1 front view

Day before starting the Regimen! 

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    First of all, congrats on losing the weight! I read your bio. That takes dedication. Second, I can definitely relate to your struggles with acne, we just automatically think people notice our acne right away (and unfortunately, some probably do). But yes, having a 'normal' life, without acne, would be the best! Not having to worry about medications or regimens. Anyway, just wanted to wish you luck as you start the regimen! Keep your chin up and think of the positives things about yourself. For example, when I scrolled through your gallery, I didn't focus on your acne, but your eyes! I'm sure other people notice that you have great eyes too. Good luck with the regimen! 

    Oh my goodness.


    Thank you so so much!!! Yes, I've been told that I have "big blue eyes". It's just about the only feature I like about my face LOL. 


    I just want to feel better about myself, and I will keep my chin up and hopefully my chin will be clear ;) 

    actually you look hot (and im a guy)

    beautiful! :)