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Pitted Scars on Nose

scarring scars nose dark skin erbium laser

Pitted Scars on Nose

I was thinking of trying an Erbium laser. Harsher lasers are risky for my dark skin, and also way too expensive. Would my scars improve with x amount of rounds of Erbium laser, do you think?

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    have you tried any other treatments prior to this ?

    I have not. I meant to try individual treatments (subcision/excision/tca) for them first but I've heard that the nose responds unpredictably to them and didn't want to risk further scarring. 

    don't do erbium / excision on your nose.

    Your nose is fine, honestly.

    How about co2 fractional laser? 

    It sounds like my best bet maybe, but I'm concerned about the risks of hyper/hypo pigmentation; I have brown skin. 

    You know despite the scarring ... you're a very pretty girl .... i'd suggest may be a session of ebium yag laser .....  it could help refine the texture of your nose .... i have the same problem .... sucks ...

    Also an Ebrium laser would benefit you seeing as you have brown skin .... which the laser specialises for.

    Thanks! Do you know if the Erbium is particularly helpful for enlarged pores?

    Yes it does .... from what i read on a harley street clinic website anyway .... also the doctor that does the treatment says the effects of the treatment are permanent .... ... there is also a permanent treatment called Recell ( spray on skin )

    I have read a lot of posts about nose scars amd it is really hard to cure scars from oir nose. I feel your pain. Any improvements now?