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IMG 20131105 02607

before accutane

IMG 20131105 02607

Before accutane

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    Okay your skin looks exactly like mine! Are you starting Accutane right now? Or are you in the process of starting Accutane soon? I just started an antibiotic Septra DS and will try it for three months and if it doesn't work, I'm going on Accutane! Did you ever try Septra? I'm just curious because our acne is nearly identical in all the same places and same size, color everything! Best of luck on your journey, please keep us all updated because I will be right behind you!

    Hey! Not just yet, just waiting for blood work to come back and next appointment with the derm is in 4 weeks. I didn't ever try Septra, but I've heard good things about it!:) I will post pictures once I've started taking Accutane, and I hope Septra works for you!

    Thanks so much! I am excited to hear about your Accutane journey and am looking into seeing a specialist here in the next month or so, if this doesn't get better, and am going to get on Accutane ASAP. It's such a long process to get on Accutane, and I understand why but sometimes I just want them to give me the drug! haha you know!?