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These days are the worst. A side view of my face shows the worst part of my breakout :/ i don't know why I breakout so bad right here... I think it has to do with hormones? If anyone else knows why acne occurs on the sides of your cheeks please let me know! And if you know any tips to make it go away I would love to hear them.. I've been sleeping with a clean towel over my pillow every night, hopefully that starts to help.. Oh and I'm also taking spironolactone.

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    I get them mostly on the sides of my face too :( The thing I've realized helps the most is if i don't really wash on the sides of my face or do it very gently for like a second. Sometims the more you wash the more you dry out your face. There are spots on my face that if i dont use a cleanser on, i never breakout. Hope this kinda helps.. And btw you are very pretty!

    Your acne is a bit further out than typical hormonal acne...yours is closer to the sides of your hairline, and I noticed you have your hair touching your face. Could it be an allergy to your shampoo or conditioner? If your hair is touching the sides of your face during the day or while you sleep, then you might have an allergy to your shampoo. 

    You are so beautiful aw<3