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Day One - Right Side

face acne irritation scars

Day One - Right Side

Irritation at its max. After a basil tea treatment, and a little extraction of blackheads. Can't wait to start today. I'm so unhappy with my face at the moment.

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    u r suffering from acne vulgaris grade 3 type of common acne consisting of nodular erythematic acne including very few pustules on right chick . 1 st i want to tell u that have a faith in u r doctor . n u r telling me that  u r also felling worst irritation i recommend u to use a mixture of benzyol peroxide  2.5% + clindamycin phosphate .

    brand names ;- pernox or pernex 2.5%


                             or combnation of both Benaclin , u can also salicyclic acid face wash . n after that tell how is u r face ok! god bless u