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Day 11

nodulocystic acne cystic

Day 11

Only side effects so far is an itchy scalp and a little dryness. I am healing!! I am feeling really positive about this. Pain/soreness from the cysts is subsiding A LOT. Feeling great so far

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    Keep youre head up despite your acne I think your very pretty lovely bone structure and jawline. Im going start tane for my persistant adult acne good to see it works:)

    It does get worse at first but you will begin to see improvement. Right now, focus on keeping your confidence and psychological state of mind up high. Surround yourself with your great friends and family, and just let the Accutane do its thing.


    Hang in there. I've been where you are, and if I was able to pull through, so will you ;)

    Stay strong.  My acne at its worst looked like this.  Accutane saved my life, and hopefully you will be totally clear at the end of it.