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I've reached the 6th month mark of using a combination of Epiduo and Eryacne (topical antibiotic) and my skin is perfectly clear.  When I stopped following the regimen and switched to Epiduo I did start to break out a little but nothing too major.  The minor breakouts continued for a good 3-4 months but its now all settled down and my skin is acne free.
In this photo (taken at work under florescent lighting) I don't have any makeup on apart from mascara, blush and chap-stick on my lips (I'm addicted to the stuff!).  As you can see, when compared to my original (horrendous) photos, all the pigmentation marks on my face have finally faded, and by making sure I wear SPF every day along with a big hat I haven't suffered from sunburn.  In fact I'm as white as a ghost!! :)

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    looking great.

    & i love that specs.

    Thanks aana, my skin certainly has come a long way in two years.

    And I love my glasses too. Makes me feel dead smart ;)
    There's a big difference. It's like night and day. Congrats!!! How often did you use the Aha with the regimen... Daily or weekly? And did ou use it in replace of the moisturizer after applying dans bp? Did the bp have any impact on drying out and fading the brown marks, or was it the aha that had the biggest impact?
    The Bp had no impact on pigmentation marks other than stopping the acne so I didn't get any more irritation resulting in marks. The aha had the most impact and also strictly wearing sunscreen everyday. I used aha daily, mixed in with moisturizer but to be honest, just the passing of time helped with fading pigmentation marks.

    Your skin really looks flawless! Can't believe you're not wearing anything like foundation!! Congrats smile.png I hope all the pigmentation I have will eventually fade.

    What sunscreen do you use by the way?

    Thanks Lilly, it's a big difference from two years ago!


    I use Olay Complete Defence SPF 30+ everyday but if I'm going to be in the sun for real (as in at the beach or gardening etc) I wear banana boat SPF 30+ because i'm not 100% confident that the Olay one would cut it if directly in the sun for a few hours.   Banana Boat isn't the best for acne prone skin but personally I prefer to get a minor breakout than to get sunburnt and risk sun damage/skin cancer.

    Im totally inspired. Ur beautiful :) nice glasses too :D

    Your skin is flawless!! Congrats