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Photo On 7 31 13 At 9.41 PM

Photo On 7 31 13 At 9.41 PM

Please READ my FAQ's before asking me anything! >;\

Late picture upload...
Just as the title states, this was originally taken July 7th 2013 at 9:41PM on my Mac's Photobooth. I was having internet issues and finally got around to posting it.
In regards to this picture, a LOT of my scars and red marks have gradually been going away, but the "icepick" scars and deep skin/tissue looking scars are still there. My temples, forehead, and upper neck are the most scared, with many red spots still remaining. Some of the small little white heads and acne you see are STILL from the cysts I had months ago, which goes to show you how long acne can remain underneath the skin. Gradually, over time, most of my red marks and scars should no longer be prominent (unless you happen to shine a light source onto my face at certain angles, you can see all the mountains you want, lol...).

Also, sorry I wasn't behind my curtain facing the light from my window... it was night and I had to get up early the next morning so I wasn't going to catch the sun.


Hygiene Regime:

- None. Only showering once a day and washing hair every other day.



- No Dairy (A HUGE stimulant for my cystic acne!!!)

- No Sugar (hugely related to the small white heads I get).

- Lots of cooked AND raw vegetables (for healthier skin and hair).

- Lots of fresh fruit ('cause I like them).


- No Multi-vitmins and/or supplements anymore.


- Sorry guys and gals, acne doesn't make me depressed nor stressed.

- I stretch/exercise around an hour a day. I constantly walk and stand.

- I get 30+ minutes of direct sunlight everyday.

- I only wear small amounts of make-up, if at all.

- I maintain a normal sleep schedule (aprox. 8 hours a day).

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    well done :)

    Yay! You're so pretty :)

    Very inspirational! Keep up the good work!

    you're so pretty!

    Great JOB!!!!!!!

    You are so inspirational missy :P Love ya lol.

    Awesome girl! So happy for you!

    Excellent. I knew you could do it :)