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What I looked like on June 7th, 2013, for my sister's wedding. Yes, I was wearing a bunch of makeup, so of course I look nicer, I just wish i didn't have to wear ANY makeup. Even without the makeup my skin was much smoother then.

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    Wow. Your skin lookgood now. What did you do?

    Oh, actually this is what I sorta looked like before the month of AUgust. Trust me, my skin is crappy again, plus I was wearing makeup in that photo. When that pic was taken, I was taking Spironalactone 50 mg a day, I was on birth control, and I was in the habit of rarely wearing makeup which probably kept my skin pretty clear. But yeah like i said I was wearing makeup in this photo, L'oreals Magic Skin beautifier BB makeup. I like using that makeup because its affordable and it adjusts itself to match your skin tone, its also pretty light. But oh boy, do I wish I looked that nice without any makeup on!