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Closer up shot of right cheek (hyperpigmentation?)

Closer up shot of right cheek (hyperpigmentation?)

If only my skin looked as nice as it does in the section closest to my ear and jawline. I really used to have beautiful skin, and I wish I had appreciated it when I had it, because now it feels like I'll be ugly forever. My acne holds me back so much, and I feel so ugly all the time. I try to remind myself that beauty isn't everything, and that in the long run i'd rather have a kind heart than a beautiful face :( but most of the time that's hard to settle for.

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    Have you tried any peels? Muac has some amazing at home peels that work wonders for the redness!

    I haven't tried any yet- a few weeks ago I was considering trying a lactic acid peel, because I had researched it and it seems to be effective for many people. But now that I'm starting to break out again, I'm reluctant to try a peel till I've got my skin more under control. But thanks for the tip! Hopefully soon I'll be able to try some peels!