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Seriously, I don't know what's wrong with this side.  Still, it's on its way.  The biggest issue is that there's a cluster of 3-4 bumps (that giant red blotch) under my skin, and I have no idea what they're doing or why they're there.  Could be hormonal (new birth control), could be from popping last week, no idea.  The rest is PIH.

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    My right side is a big pain also! ugh! Hate it .Lets hope we get better soon :)

    Haha yeah why is that?  I hope so!  :)

    I have no idea ..but I have noticed that I usually sleep on my right side ..so I experimented a little ..slept on my left side for the past couple days and guess what ..my right cheek is way better ..I think it gets irritated when I sleep.

    Woah that's crazy!  I sleep on my right side, too!  I should try that out.

    Yeah I think u should really try that out & be careful as how ur sleeping too ..all that causes irritation. Hope this helps :)

    my right side was the worst as well!