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Day 1

Day 1

Before accutane day 1

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    You just started accutane? Wow I wouldn't have even thought that you needed it your skin looks great! I have debated going on accutane two different times but I chickened out ): I wish you the best of luck!
    Thank you very much, that made my day! If you need encouragement or advice or questions about accutane answered, hit me up!

    man its nic that the ur acne is almost gone.... but ur cheeks are so red... i think u needmoisture...  i had the same prob... i thot it wud go wit time but no it din.. then i looked it into national eczema society .. started moisturising skin as soon as i wash with vaseline... try on a patch of yo skin.. never let yo skin dry..

    Okay sounds good! Thank you and good luck with accutane! :)