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July Progress

July Progress

I actually started regular (meaning at least once a night) BP application on the 9th... meaning this is the result of three weeks on the "Regimen". I've had a lot of mishaps along the way, starting too fast, chemical burns, trying maybe seven or eight different moisturizers (a lot of them burned or clogged my pores), and applying only once a night for over a week. All things taken into account, results have been phenomenal, and I'm really thankful for what BP has done for me thus far and what it will hopefully continue to do.

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    That's awesome dude! Your acne was super mild to begin with. Your face is almost 100% clear. Maybe another week or two and the last of those marks will be gone. Cheers to you and congrats

    Tban0117 is right: congrats!

    And you should be a part of a toothpaste ad, your teeth lights up the picture.

    Awesome progress! (:

    Keep at it!