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Pic Day 22b

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Pic Day 22b

So, I've associated monitoring acne progress to monitoring weight loss.  You're not supposed to weigh yourself every day.  However, I am a bit obsessive about the acne, though.  I'm hoping to wake up one day and it's ALL GONE.  Porcelain skin OVERNIGHT!  I know that's unrealistic.  However, 2 days after taking my last pictures, I noticed some major changes this morning.


First, there's been quite a been of improvement to my "acne wrinkles."  That's what I call them.  They're wrinkles on your 25-year-old face caused by acne scarring and crappy texture.  It doesn't help that I have low estrogen and stopped taking my replacement for a month (I'm in grad school and kept forgetting or didn't have the time to make an appointment for refills).  However, I've seen a marked improvement (and I've started back on my OCPs).


Also, I didn't have a SINGLE breakout today.  After I thought the break-outs were over last week, I did start to get a few red macules... being somewhat acne-like, but no pain and no fluctuance.  They've slowly stopped appearing.  This is day 2 of no break-outs.  Just redness from old ones. I just didn't realize until this morning!


Anyway, so here's my obsessive addition to my gallery... taken just 2 days after my last pictures.  Nothing on but my very lightly tinted sunscreen with translucent powder on top.


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    Looking good! Huge improvement... Keep it up

    Thank you!!