Day 20

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Day 20

Day 20. I thought that I was over this so-called "purge," but I have had a few breakouts. Strangely, when they appear they are just red little macules that aren't fluctuant or painful. Then they go away. I did have one massive white-head on my left jawline. I went three days without messing with it and it just got bigger and bigger over a tender area of skin (think neck-like skin). So, I gently helped it out with a few cotton-tips this morning because I couldn't stand the pressure anymore. If this is the purge (and I think it is), it's really not terrible like I had expected.

I'm only wearing lightly-tinted sunscreen (EltaMD physical) these days. It makes it easier to apply throughout the day. I just powder on top. I'm also trying to keep make-up to a bare minimum. Concealer and foundation was never a miracle-worker and even the best make-up was no match for my oily skin. So, I'm going to clear up and then return to light make-up.

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