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Day one of accutane

Day one of accutane

Starting Accutane today...on my 32nd birthday!!!  This is me before, ready to see the after.

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    Ummm.... Really? Your skin is clear girl. I'm so surprised a doctor would give you accutane for a clear face. Sometimes it causes a breakout someone never expected, especially in cases like yours. It happened to a friend of mine. Wishing you the best though... I don't mean to sound negative but it's scary to know that doctors just give this to anyone. Your skin is damn near perfect.

    Yeah...I just don't think these pictures do me justice.  I know I don't have anything crazy but it is always those really hard bumps under the skin that take months to go away leaving scars.  I love that you say my skin is clear...that makes me feel a million times better!!!  Hopefully this just takes care of those pesky ones under the skin.