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Day 16

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Day 16

Still Day 16.  I took some pictures with my actual camera instead of the iPhone.  I felt like the iPhone was making things a bit more blue-ish and overall just poor quality pictures.  Here I am, Day 16.  Praying that the IB never comes, unless it already did... It's hard to tell because I broke out in weird places since starting the medicine and now I'm not.  I'm just hoping this regimen will have some mercy on me.  I know these pictures get tons of views each day... I would love ANY input from guys on when this initial break-out is supposed to happen.  Week 1, 2, 3, 4... It's giving me anxiety!
Anyways, so here are a few pictures I just took.  Face is shiny because I have a glycolic gel on (not a peel).  I wash my face hours before I go to bed, so I figured I'd apply the mild AHA gel for a few hours, then rinse it off, apply Ziana.  It's really a mild gel and it's made for the hyperpigmentation.  So far, no facial dryness or flakies.

Other pictures from the album

    That should say "you guys" not "guys."  I can't edit my own note for some reason:


    "I would love ANY input from you guys on when this initial break-out is supposed to happen."