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cysts acne break out pustules


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    Thanks for the information on your predinose dosage!  I am going to ask them to keep me on the lowest dosage if possible.


    I developed liver problems about 10 years ago and that was one of my concerns for not starting in April.  I've never had a reason to see a dermatologist so the one I saw in April didn't inform me like I should've been.  He had me scared about the liver test and that original one cost me $650!  I was so upset with that situation.  Since June, I've seen two different derms in a different town/state to get their opinions and they assured me I should be okay to take accutane.  They also insisted I needed to be on it.  Very anxious about Monday. 


    People can be sooo cruel!  I can totally relate to how you feel and what you have been going through, & what you went through.  I am a single mother and it sux that I HAVE to work in this condition.  I went from people smiling at me on a normal basis to people barely making eye contact.  It's so embarrassing and humiliating.  I just got out of a long relationship at the beginning of this year and that relationship was not healthy so I think it had a lot to do with how I felt in the months after leading to this breakout =(.  I've had another guy ask me out but I told him I'm far from ready to date.  My heart is all duct taped up & I was kinda thinking I would get played too, lol.


    That's awesome that you'll do updates, yay!


    PS:  E-mails sound great =)!

    When you get accutane ask them if they'll give you an antibiotic too cause it helps I was suppose to go on an antibiotic with accutane but since i get reoccuring yeast infections I can't :P

    I didn't see your other message earlier about the brand of Accutane.  I'm not sure yet.  After my appt. on Monday I'll be sure to let you know =)!

    I'm apprehensive about antibiotics after I tried them this year.  I haven't ever taken them in my life until February and then after that it seems like my acne just flared up to what it is now.  I regret taking them.  I wished I would've tried other alternatives.


    In my other comment I meant that I seen the derm for the first time in March then was supposed to get on Accutane in April.  You know the month wait. 


    I'm going to ask about other med's that will help with the inflammation (other than prednisone). 


    I meant to ask if  you changed your diet at all?  I'm normally a junk food/drink type of person and that's when my skin was clear and scar free.  In April, I changed my diet to fruits, veggies, & lots of water thinking that would help but that's when my skin was at it's worst.  I've lost a lot of weight too.  I'm small as it is (5'4/weight went from 140 to 125) so eating the right foods has been depressing and hard.  I would much rather be 140 because I look and feel "healthy".  Being 125 pds, doesn't feel healthy for me.