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    So you did your full course of accutane and you still broke out after?

    I did a full 6 month course of about 120mg per my 57 kg total. I was 100% clear for about 3 months after stopping, mild for about 2 months after that, moderate for another 2 months, then back to moderate/severe. I am 10 months post tane and honestly just as bad, if not worse.

    Im so sorry. Stay positive! There is clearing after the storm! But I know how hard it is to look on the bright side especially after taking accutane!!

    I've tried to remain optimistic, but its pretty deppresing when the last resort only worked a couple months. I might take a second course, even though I'm scared of the damage it might be doing my body. But thank you, your incouragement just made my day a bit brighter! :)

    Have you considered it might be an allergic reaction to something you are using or eating? Maybe your cleanser or something you are applying to your face and neck. If you had a relapse, acne is your body's way of saying that something is wrong.

    I've been eating about 80% paleo for the past 2 months. I'm not sure how to go about finding my allergies, any help on that? I've recently switched from the nuetrogena unmedicated cleanser I've been using for a while to cetaphil cleanser, no difference yet  but I hope that it will help.

    you could get a delayed allergy food test with the ELISA testing, i think its worth a shot because if accutane failed liked this then there is obviously something else going on 

    I will deffinetly look into that, thanks for the help.

    I recon that oily skin. Fight on, fight on.