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Day 65-71

Day 65-71

This is the only part of my face that is not doing so hot on the regimen (aside from under my chin which doesn't bother me as much because people can't see it).  It flares up red, small red bumps appear and never go away and it looks like a rash except it comes and goes.  Any suggestions?  Maybe i should use less BP there?  Toying with the idea that maybe part of my acne is hormonal (in the womanly sense) and that i may need something oral like Spiro.  Rest of my face is mostly clear so yay for that!

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    I think your skin looks great! I see redness but nothing else, no pimples or anything.

    Thanks hun, unfortunately there are small red pimples that pop up, go away, pop up, etc with no rhyme or reason.  It wouldn't be so bad if i didn't have the on again off again rashlike redness. Pictures don't do it justice unfortunately.