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july 6th 2013

acne cyctic redness

july 6th 2013

acne worse than ever. hoping this is the intial breakout from using veltin. have read many things about it not working very quickly. I have used it consistently in conjunction with antibiotics for one month. dr prescribed three months, then if no response, Accutane.

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    You have beautiful eyes! Good luck in the struggle. It seems hard now, but I promise itll get better with time

    thanka and I do believe so too! just worrying about scarring :/ :{

    Are you against taking accutane?  I was supposed to start accutane in April but backed out at the last minute because of the horror stories I read about.  Not getting on it seems to have caused more scarring.  I really wished I would've got it when I was supposed to.  After conferring with a couple more derms they convinced me to get on it.  Waiting a whole month to get on it seemed like forever.  I'm not backing out this time.  Hoping for a miracle.  Good luck with your situation!

    Thanks I was actual beer recommended accutane -- however this is the worse my acne has ever been. Thankfully the veltin and antibiotics are actually working. I'm on a three month plan and am almost on third month. If acne isn't gone by then I may extend the antibiotics-- I say this now e cause I am really seeing a big improvement. Not a single pimple on chin and haven't had one since! *crosses fingers* I hope to start working on scarring around October. Don't want to set too soon and cause breakouts- plus hyper pigmentation takes a while to fade. I have really light rolling scars just worry about when I am older. Really would live to fix my pores too! How's your acne been? @shydatabase
    Actually never **** lol!