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Right cheek

Right cheek

My right cheek doesn't get hit with as much acne has my neck and jawline. I have some that are smaller and I have a lot of hyperpigmentation marks. I also have deep acne scars there :/

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    If you want results you should get accutane. Spiro will take months to work, if it even does. You are starting to scar, I really recommend accutane for this.

    Hi Lissbee you can try PanOxyl 10% for your facial wash. You can use it in the morning, afternoon and night. Also Retin-a at night time, but the problem is you have to have prescription to buy Retin-a. I had the same problem and these products really help me. I had tried so many products out there including prescription medicines but it didn't work and I was afraid to use accutane. Just try these two products and for your diet less meat, dairy and salt. Make sure you drink lots of water too. Also I'm taking vitamin A 5000 IU and Vit. E 400mg. This works for me and my problem now is the scarring. I'm not a Doctor, I just want to share what worked for me. Have a wondrful day!