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claravis journey- week 10, day 75

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claravis journey- week 10, day 75

ok i haven't posted in a while, but here i am! It's day 75 today. My current dose is 70 mg a day, one 40 mg at night, one 30 mg in the morning. I also take B-complex vitamins. Most of the redness are acne scars. There are very little current pimples. I'm so satisfied with my results. It's only been a couple months and my acne is quickly saying its farewell. I wear a very thin layer of neutrogena shine control make up to cover up my acne scars and to protect my skin from the sun because it does have sunscreen in it. I just got a break out on my chin.  whatever. It's most likely gunna be gone in a few days. I'm sorry i haven't posted in a while. I'm going to try and post more often!!

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    Wow, you are looking better! Congrats! Are you taking other supplements?