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Me and my sis

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    You have big, beautiful eyes! The best lips ever. Porcelain skin. Healthy hair! 

    You've got it all hun. Please be kinder to yourself.

    You are gorgeous! I agree with JodieMay, best lips ever. I paid thousands of dollars for injections to get my lips to resemble yours!

    Thank you guys!! <3

    You are gorgeous! inside and outside. I dont know if you remember me but Im alot better now :") Thank you SO MUCH. I will never forget you. P.S: you look like Taylor swift with bigger eyes and your sister looks like Selena Gomez :D

    Of course I remember you; I was actually thinking about you recently! I'm so glad you're better now. And thank you so much, you are so sweet!

    Tell me about your makeup, your skin care routine, Have you tried something new? is there anything interesting? ;)

    Well, basically I've just tried to make my skin care routine as gentle and simple as possible. I wash 2X a day with CeraVe, moisturize, and I apply retin-a at night. As for my makeup, I either use my Tarte BB cream or I use primer and my Revlon Colorstay foundation. Oh, and I started taking Spironolactone to help with the oiliness. My skin has been doing well. How have you been? How is your skin?