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983834 10151495707589601 474660192 N

Green tea from Starbucks always makes me happy. <3

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    Girl, you are gorgeous! Simply gorgeous! As I said: Acne? What acne? :)

    Awww thanks :) Oh it's there trust me :P It's really starting to fade away though which I am so delighted about!! *knock on wood x10000* hahaha. I'm starting to think people don't pay much attention to it, which is nice to know. Thank you so much, you made my day <3 :)

    With those eyes...YOUR THE PRETTIEST GIRL OF ACNE.ORG. Stop feeling bad about your acne.Go out and date a guy.Make him the luckiest guy!

    Aww that made me smile so big!! :) Thank you hun you're a sweetheart!! Good luck with everything xoxoxo


    You can't really be flawless when you have acne haha :P It's makeup sadly :( but I'm keeping my head up because it's improving! Thanks so much though hun, means a lot!! xoxo