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I went back on doxy after that horrible breakout and now I'm clearing up slowly.
I went off it bc the price went from $4 on target and walmarts generic lists to $140 out of no where.
Luckily walgreens has it for around $40 and bc I don't have insurance I got a discount bringing it down to under $14. Which made me very happy since I'm no longer working and on a strict budget.
The white stuff is moisturizer

Other pictures from the album

    Please go see your derm Dr. This is not a normal initial outbreak or shedding response to retin-a (trentinoin) treatment. This is not a condition that will get worse before it gets better. You don't have to suffer through this painful experience.
    I don't have insurance to see a dermatologist, only a family doctor at a place called CompleteCare for uninsured people.

    hello friend, from the pattern of it . I can see that it is coming from your nose. Hence. it might be gram negative folliculitis. go see a dr. the usual treatment is amoxicillin but through the course of years studies find it ineffective/temporary on its effect. the only treatment available is isotretinoin based on its ability to reduce sebum.

    I don't have insurance, I found a Dr that is empathetic to the uninsured, she gives a slight discount. She's not a derm, but an internist. It needn't be a derm Dr to help. I'm so glad you began doxy. I wish you AMAZING luck!
    I wish i could gettbrid.of my bumps....there teribble