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My acne.

acne forehead horrible big pimples

My acne.

This is my acne at it's worst. I didn't feel human, I felt like I was the only one dealing with such a bad condition of acne. I didn't feel as happy anymore.
I used to be the person who didn't care about acne; it was never on my mind. That's until high school came around.
I guess I'm sharing this because I just wanted to show that anyone can get acne. You shouldn't be ashamed if you have it.
But this is how bad it was. Please let me know what you think of my horrible acne...it would be nice to know what others think because I couldn't even go out in public looking at others.
Thank you.

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    i have really bad acne too and understand how you feel. If you ever need to talk, just pm me!

    Thanks viasidd, I really appreciate it. You're awesome. :)

    Same here.man if u wanna talk pm me as well

    Thanks hedgecore, I'm really glad to know that there are people that are as nice as you guys are.