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Very bad acne

Very bad acne

I had to go back on doxycycline bc my face exploded

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    Have you seen a doctor about this? It looks like this might be staph, it is certainly not just acne. Please go ask for them to take a sample.

    Have you been on tetracycline before? I was on tetracycline for my acne and it worked perfectly the first time and when i tried it the second time it didn't work for me because of antibiotic immunity. This might not be the case with you, but just mention this to your doctor/dermatologist before other wise you might waste time because of potential immunity. Good luck, hope it all goes well for you

    Hello there , have you been eating a lot of sweets lately? donuts maybe?.. I think  you have been on an antibiotic before am i right?  which means your gut flora balance has been disrupted.I have two theories regarding your situation first those around your mouth are yeast which are opportunistic. in that case cut down all your sugar consumption especially milk.

    Second that could be a mild staph infection, in that case you have to be on antibiotic again..But please only few doctors know this while taking antibiotic you should avoid sweets as much as possible especially donuts or things that have yeasts when taking or have taken antibiotics.



    try this 

    clean and clear - oil free facial wash

    duac then sunblock in the morning

    adapalene 0.1 at night

    doxy-50 mg day and night

    and pure raw honey and calamansi extract drink it diluted in hot water..

    exercise !

    I'm on doxy 100 mg/ day

    doxy is what made my face bad to begin with! This must be so frustrating! all the best! 

    remember avoid sugar while on doxy to avoid yeast infection , yeast infection in the face usually manifest around the mouth.

    Don't give up :) It will fade away soon :0 Let time heal it first.If it is still doesnt work , go to see a doctor. eat healthy and sleep more in these months

    you should ask your doctor about spiro it's only 6$ a month and i think it would really help

    my face finally cleared up in July. i attribute it mostly to the doxy, however I also have been using tretinoin cream .1% for like 4 months and avoiding eggs and caffiene. Ive realized coffee, chicken, and eggs break me out, especially eggs. I get the worst breakouts right after Easter, after eating all the leftover dyed eggs lol