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my acne

my acne

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    this was taken on the 24/4/13

    have you gone to a dermatologist?

    no not yet?

    You should visit a dermatologist. Make sure you wash you face twice a day Morning and night. Don't skip a night or  a morning without washing your face, Also make sure you moisturizer even if you have oily skin because if you don't moisturizer your skin will produce more oil. Make sure you use a toner. What a toner does is close your pores and also kills the Bactria. And use benzoly proxide on effected area. Also make sure all the protects you use are oil free and don't clog your pores. if you put on Make-up make sure its oil free too. Don't pick or touch your face whats so ever. Hope I helped and good luck.

    u need a derma darling.

    i understand u.i had my share of bad times.

    i'm there if u need a frnd here..thats all i can say.

    with routines i've followed that is.



    Are you starting the regimen ?

    Please please please make an appointment for the derm! You need prescription meds. In the mean while, find a gentle face-wash to use with a pH of between 5-6. CeraVe foaming, Olay foaming for sensitive, SebaMed, Cetaphil. Any of those. Use a light, oil-free moisturizer like CeraVe PM . Maybe some sort of OTC treatment like salicylic acid or bp. But just once a day and be vigilant for dryness.