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Spiro Week 16 Forehead

Spiro Week 16 Forehead

My forehead.  Used to be Bump-ville, CA but now it's totally flat.  I had one pimple that came up last week after my Salicyclic Acid Peel.  I zapped that sucker with my D'arsonal High Frequency and it's pretty much flat now.  You can see I have some melasma still in the middle of my forehead just above my eyebrows and also lots of little acne scars.  Trying to slowly fade those with my Hydroquinone Retin A (HQRA) but it dries out my skin so bad I can only use it 2 or 3 times a week.  Anyone have tips for fading acne scars?  I'm going to start using my Personal Microderm in a few days so hoping that might help.

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    Girl, you look great :)!

    Thanks so much!!

    what is your spironolactone dosage you cleared up veryy well!!! congrats

    Thanks Sgala3!  I went balls to the walls with this med and started at 200mg / day.  My PCOS symptoms were beginning to get quite severe though so it was a fitting dose.  I would suggest starting smaller and building up slolwy though because I know it was a major shock to my system, and possibly had something to do with the unfortunate IB (initial breakout) that took over my face.  I have been VERY slowly lowering my dose and I am now stable with few side effects at 150mg / day. I may try lowering even more, but as of now I am happy.  Wishing you the best of luck!  xo