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Month 3, Day 5 Pic 2

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Month 3, Day 5 Pic 2

This and the other two pictures are from the end of 2nd-during 3rd month of my Accutane treatment. As you can see, my skin was terrible. I had cysts all around my jawline and some on my cheeks, several whiteheads, scabs, everything basically. I didn't like going out at all and sometimes I didn't want to go to school. It was really really bad physically and psychologically. My face would hurt whenever I smiled or ate, and I was extremely self conscious about myself.
What hurt the most was the fact of not feeling attractive to any girl. I really made the effort to dress good, smell good and have a good haircut but the face would just kill it. I couldn't play soccer due to the sweat causing my face to itch a lot, and I avoided laughing and smiling because it would cause my cysts to hurt and the chance of whiteheads popping by doing so were always there. To me, this was the toughest moment of my life to this point.

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