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IMG 0467

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    You're definately a handsome fella !  What have you tried so far for your acne?  Hang around the boards for a bit and you'll get plenty of advice.  As for accutane, it definitely would help your type of acne. 

    You should try accutane instead of any antibiotics or other stuff. And maybe a retinoid to smooth everything out. It will def help. And honestly, the first thing I noticed is that you are super cute. Didn't really pay any attention to the acne haha.

    Like others have said - you're a handsome guy!
    If you do decided to try accutane, just make sure you've done your research into the drug first and are well aware of the effects of it etc so that you can make an informed decision/choice. I just don't think it's something to rush into taking
    Good luck with whatever treatments you do - hopefully we all find what works for us soon! Hang in there :)

    I appreciate all the love! I haven't ever used any antibiotics but it you check out my new album ive made some progress using the regiment!