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Barely any foundation (Bobbi Brown liquid "Golden"), skin at it's best.  I had access at work to free micro & peels, and was diligent about vitamins, spf, sun exposure and massive amounts of water.

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    what vitamins?

    and could u tell me about sun exposure.

    i am at home all the time.i sit near my window for some time everyday without any spf..will that do?

    Zinc,L-Lysine,Vit C, Multi vit.

    I avoided sun exposure in general.  But some say that indoor lighting, tv/laptop screens can damage skin as well, so spf is still needed indoors...

    i take zevit(vit b complex + c + zinc sulphate)

    i'm always at home.(its been mnths.atleast not before 4-5 pm).

    even if i start going out in comin weeks in the sun..i'll use spf 50+ sunscreen which has both chemical n physical protection.


    hope that helps!


    congratulations on ur skin.=)