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Photo On 3 31 13 At 9.28 AM



Photo On 3 31 13 At 9.28 AM

Please don't forget to READ MY FAQ's before asking me anything ---> http://www.acne.org/...ay-one-my-faqs/

Sorry for the wait, It's been almost four months since I've uploaded a picture.

For the past two months I've been getting a lot of dental work done, so my mouth area was swollen a lot and I didn't really want to photograph that.

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*Dentist getting my money*
... Then I got sick twice. Yes, that's right, I said TWICE. I got sick in January by my friend, then just finished getting sick again three weeks ago by my father. I must have slept 12 hours a day.

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*ZZZzzzz.... snort...zzzzz....gimme back meh arm... snort...zzzzz...* 


Anyway... this is today's picture. My job is closed today for the holiday today (easter), so I finally had some time to hide behind the curtain and get a shot of myself before I started my day.



Notable Logs:
07/11/12: Began drinking homemade juice.
07/15/12: Started taking 500 mg of Vitamin B5 (in the morning WITH juice).
07/24/12: Started taking 500 mg of L-Cartinine (in the morning WITH juice).
08/08/12: Oil Production on face vanished. Acne still persistent though.
09/05/12: No acne for about a week. Left over red spots still remain but face very smooth.
09/29/12: SOME acne snuck up... reviewing diet to find more possible hidden traces of sugar.
11/03/12: About 75 percent clear...
01/20/13: ...SICK. went off diet... also ate liquids for teeth after dental work...
03/18/13: ...Slowly coming back onto healthy diet...

Hygiene Regime:
None. Only showering once a day and washing hair every other day.

- No Dairy.
- No Sugar.
- Lots of raw vegetables, especially salads.

- No more supplements whatsoever.

- Sorry guys and gals, acne doesn't make me depressed nor am I stressed about much of anything else.
- I stretch/exercise around an hour a day and/or run 4-5 times a week. Still building a suitable exercising regime though.
- I get about 20 minutes to an hour worth of direct sunlight (no make-up on) everyday.
- I only wear small amounts of make-up for my job, obviously to cover the largest and reddest of my acne legions.
- I maintain a normal sleep schedule (usually 8 hours a day).

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    You've always looked great, in my eyes.  But I am happy that YOU feel great.


    And of course, your skin looks amazing.  <3

    Wow, your journey is very inspirational! You have given me hope. Best of luck to you!

    You look great!  So fun reading about your journey.  Love your sense of humor and optimism. 

    You skin is slowly but surely continuing to get better :)! So happy for you, you helped me ALOT especially when i was struggling with the hard journey of being on the regimen, but your positivity and reassurance kept me going!


    Much luck from me :) 

    oh please!

    i am anyway in love with u.

    dint need that clear skin with that cute smile on top of everything!

    u've already made it to my signature.!what else?!

    damn!give me a break!