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20130330 Right Cheek No 1 EDIT



20130330 Right Cheek No 1 EDIT

My right cheek one week after a 25% TCA peel.
Compare this photo to my baseline photo from Feb. 2009.  I had a massive compound scar on my right cheek which resulted from multiple cystic lesions.
My dermatologist was able to undermine the fibrous tethered bands of scar tissue that was holding this area down.  It looked like a huge 'sink hole' in my face. My doctor told me that the Nokor needle he used to undermine the tissue was actually 'bowing' at one point and he was worried that it might break.  Fortunately, that did not happen.  I underwent four subcision treatments on both cheeks and the scar tissue responded very well.

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    Matt your skin looks amazing. I just followed your journey and its giving me some hope I can get improvement like yours!